We are proud of the service we provide in Waira.


We are 100% committed to every one of our projects and, as we count on the support of more than a 400 hundred talented voice artists, we are able to quickly carry out each production, meeting the expectations of the industry.


Additionally, we often train new actors and technicians using the latest technologies, widening our scope and possibilities, expanding our business and growing at every turn.


The main languages we work with:

Latam Spanish 

Castilian Spanish

Brazilian Portuguese

US English



We supervise each production thoroughly, paying special attention to the accuracy of accents, voice tones, words and mixing levels, making sure that clients will receive a high-quality product.


Our subtitling services meet ISO17100-2015 requirements, including translation and proofreading as two separate but connected services provided by two different professional translators.

Using our global web of proffesionals

we can provide services in more than 20 languages.


An accurate translation and text adaptation are the pillars for a successful dubbing process, as they ensure image and sound will align harmoniously, to achieve a precise lip sync, voice over or sync over.


Our translators have a wealth of experience within the audiovisual industry. We help our clients localizing and adapting dubbing and format-scripts, and even technical documents. We work in several languages and our collaborators are native speakers, located in different parts of the world.


We work for several advertising agencies around the world, we assist them in

the Integral production of advertising material. Music, voice-over and sound edition. We have a large collection of voices to help our clients find the right actor or announcer for their needs.


Having a deep knowledge and understanding of the region and its different accents, we offer our localizing services mostly for Latin America.

This leads to success when it comes to creating a highly effective advertising spot that will have the expected impact in a given country. We connect producers, directors and technicians from their offices and studios from different parts of the world using remote recording systems such as Source Connect and Session Link.


We offer full audio post production services, from sound editing, direct sound and sound design, M&E to foley and ADR recording for feature films, documentaries and short films. 

Our technical staff, together with cutting edge technology and flawless acoustic booths, guarantee a high performance for recording and mixing.


Our scope: 


Dialogue and Audio Editing

2.0 Mix

5.1 Mix


ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)


Sound Design

M&E Creation


When we compose and produce original music, our creativity is limitless. We work with talented musicians and composers to make image and sound fall together as one.

 Recording, mixing and mastering, artistic production of bands and solo artists. We advise and guide them throughout the entire creative process.


We produce original music for advertising, film and theater.

Our musicians are based in Buenos Aires, Miami and México where they produce music for soap operas from leading TV broadcasters as well as for films and commercials.


We create the perfect atmosphere and environment for igniting creativity through the use of art and design.



We leave no detail unattended; we enjoy our work and meet our clients’ needs. 


We have been in the business since 2008, dubbing content for HBO, Fox, Netflix, ESPN, and two of the most important state-owned channels in Argentina: Canal Encuentro and Paka-Paka.


We collaborate with production companies, content distributors and studios located in the UK, USA, Turkey, Spain and Brazil.


Sebastián Palmadessa


Sebastian takes care of Waira’s sales and commercial relations, and he also provides the studio and the brand with an artistic touch. He is a great bass player, vinyl collector and he graduated as a Professor of Fine Arts.

He loves travelling, so you will probably find him in the most important events around the world, searching for new business opportunities


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J. P. Tamborini 4679. CABA. Argentina. info@waira.com.ar . (54 11) 4545 3727