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Dubbing, transtaling and subtitling

SINCE 2008

Supported by a global network of more than four hundred voice talents for Latam Spanish and with the collaboration of partner companies around the world, we have the capacity to solve any production meeting the audiovisual industry's standards of excellence.


We work with the best and most experienced actors and directors. In addition, we train new actors and technicians using the latest technological advances.


Main languages we work with:


Latam Spanish

Brazilian Portuguese

Castilian Spanish

US English

At Waira we are detail-oriented by nature. We review each project and supervise, among other aspects, the acting performance, lip sync, script adaptation and mixing levels so that the client receives a high quality product.

Gummy Bear_LAS Dubbing
Bing - Español Latino
The Killing - LAS
Waira Main Reel
Animation Dubbing Reel
Song of the Sea - LAS

Our goal is to ensure that perfect subtitling is delivered to the screen.


Each project involves two professionals: one is in charge of translation and timing, while the other does the proofreading. This working method guarantees error-free delivery.


Our team of linguists grows constantly around the globe. Using the latest technologies but also providing the irreplaceable human expertise to oversee all our projects.


Main languages we work with:


Latam Spanish

Spanish (Spain)

Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese (Portugal)







An accurate translation and a correct adaptation are essential for the success of a project.


With wide experience in the audiovisual industry, our translators seek that each phrase expressed by the actor in the original version appears natural and synchronized in the dubbing.


We help our clients localize and adapt dubbing scripts, production scripts, and technical documents. We have a team of native professionals and we can simultaneously translate the same project into several languages.


We localize commercial voice-overs for the Latin American market. We know the cultural variations of each region and their different accents. We understand that every advertising piece needs to make an impact, communicate ideas and tell stories. For this purpose, we work with a staff of experienced and creative voice talents.


We connect voice talent, producers and directors from their offices and studios anywhere in the world using remote recording software such as Source Connect and Session Link.


Advertising agencies in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain and Italy choose us for our delivery times and quality of results.


We offer integral production of advertising pieces: music, voice-over and sound edition. We have a large voice bank that helps our clients to find the right actor or announcer for their needs.

Music PostProduction

We offer a variety of post production services: sound direction, direct sound and sound design for feature films, documentaries and short films.


Our technical staff combined with the latest technologies and comfortable soundproofed and acousticized rooms guarantee the best results for recording and mixing.


Our scope: 


Dialogue and Audio Editing

2.0 Mix

5.1 Mix


ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)


Sound Design

M&E Creation

We work with talented musicians and composers who, through their art and experience, manage to tell stories and accompany the images with the right music.


We perform:


Original music for advertising and film.

Recording, mixing and mastering.

Artistic production of bands and soloists.


Our musicians are based in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Miami, from where they produce music for major television networks and production companies.


When we compose and produce original music our creativity has no limits!

Music Composition

We are proud of the service we provide in Waira.

We are 100% committed to every one of our projects