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Latin American Dubbing Services: how to create an immersive experience for local audience

In this article, you will find some tips that would help you approach the Latin audience when it comes to providing dubbing services in Spanish. Waira is based in Argentina, and we can help you by offering you technical quality and creative resources so that your content’s localization turns out to be successful.

Human talent to recreate a highly immersive experience

As a provider of Latin American dubbing services, here in Waira, we know about the vast linguistic variety that exists within the Spanish language. To achieve an accurate Latin American dubbing service, it’s crucial to consider the different and accents and local nuances that represent the cultural diversity of the region.

Waira is happy to count on more than 400 talents!

These actors and actresses are chosen, not only because of their training and skills regarding the art of voice synchronization, but also because of their interpretation of silent pauses, emotions, and the enrichment they add to the images conveyed by sound.

Besides, we work with seasoned directors that accompany the actors and actresses, to achieve a correct adaptation of the original scripts, which is required most of the time.

When these talents work together, they contribute to create an emotional connection with the multimedia content, lifting the language barriers to make their way into the heart and minds of the Latin audience.

In Waira, nothing is left to chance. The personalised dedication we invest in each project allows us to localize content with an accurate translation, to create experiences that are relevant culture-wise.

Technical precision all the way to the smallest detail

When it’s time to hire dubbing services, it’s crucial to find a studio that works in a professional way, meeting global quality standards. In Waira, we commit 100% to each and every project, and we pay special attention to the whole production process, including the mixing levels, voice tones, words, and precision of the accents.

Waira’s recording studio, built with an acoustic structure is furnished with high-end microphones, consoles, and other equipment to ensure the best audio post-production and subtitling.

However, our most valuable technical capital is, in fact, people: audio and synchronization experts.

With this combination of resources, we obtain the perfect balance between the sharp precision of the sound mixtures and the supported work of the actors and actresses, in order to achieve a final product that offers great timing and a realistic appearance for the viewer.

All the localization options at the grasp of your hand

We like to define ourselves as something more than a dubbing studio. Apart from translation services, we also offer voice-over, interpreting, audio post-production, and subtitling services.

We understand that each project has particular localization needs, depending on its format and target audience.

Working with Waira, you will not have any limitations, since we offer a vast array of options.

We have a lot of experience dubbing to Latin American Spanish and other popular languages such as Portuguese, English, French, and Italian.

Numerous productions have trusted our work, and we’re proud to know that they keep choosing us time after time. If you feel curious about some of our featured work, you can take a look at them on Waira’s Instagram account or our YouTube channel.

The challenge: making it real and believable for your audience

We all have, at least once, come across a video which dubbing sounded unnatural and even funny, even when the content was not intended to be so.

In Waira, we are convinced that respecting the target audience is one of the pillars of a localization process. That is why we work to avoid creating exaggerated and stereotyped dubbing, and we aim to create characters whose voices sound natural and coherent with the images in the video.

As we mentioned before, every Spanish speaking region has its own particular accent and style, and even the usage of humor or certain words as a way to express positive or negative feelings, radically differ among countries of the same region.

No matter if they are action scenes, a romance, or a hilarious comedy, if your target is to be really engaging, you need to think about the audience, put yourself in their shoes and find those contact points that make the content feel personal and create the desired emotion.

We create authentic localized experiences

Located in Argentina, Waira studios are a creative powerhouse. There is where new characters come to life to reach more people, where the voice-over artists’ voices create textures, colors, and sensations, and connect the images with the message conveyed in each scene.

We work as a team to ensure the localization processes are no longer a problem, and we offer a solution to make the most of the content. It’s our passion to offer experiences that are real, relatable, authentic, and especially relevant to Latin audiences.

A long professional path in the audiovisual industry and the usage of technological tools, allowed us to implement new ways of remote work, to satisfy the demand of our clients from Buenos Aires to several countries around the globe.

We take each project as our own and working together with our technical staff, talents, and directors, we come together as a highly motivated team that will ensure that every stage of the process will flow with harmony, from the very beginning to the delivery of the final product.

We invite you to get in touch with us, here in Waira we can’t wait to work on new challenges!


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