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Waira´s Safe & Sound #3

Recommendations for Personal & Professional Response to COVID-19

by KITO (Kito is a friend of WAIRA based in San Francisco)

Support your radiant good health

What do I do, personally? Qi Gong.

Remote instruction from Eli is for me a most accessible resource.

I've studied with Eli 1:1, and he's taught me some powerful Taoist Qigong techniques.

Especially in this time where the Western medical doctors are busy and of short supply -- claim the ownership over your own internal health and cultivate your own resilience and healing abilities.

Strengthen your lungs. Strengthen your immune system. Calm and Soothe and Integrate your Nervous System. Of your own volition you can heal & cultivate health in your body.

For me the 3 hours (each) workshops on Healthy Spine and Healthy Sleep are my go-to.

Qi Gong for Healthy Sleep - Online Workshop

Qi Gong for Healthy Spine - Online Workshop

Good Morning Qi Gong! - Morning Wake Up Routine

Qi Gong for Resilience - Strengthening the immune system & cultivating physical and

emotional resilience


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